09/11/18 - Links to this year's results have been updated....Go to the 'Results' page

09/11/18 - Please note that the fixture list has been updated:

New! Version 4 2018 - 2109 Fixture List now available at; 2018-2019 fixture list - Version 4 amended 06.01/19 (Sept 18 - March 19)

Message from Debbie 05/10/2018 - re 2018 - 2019 Season

Good Morning All,

Apologies for the delay in getting to you the amended fixtures but we have at the seventh hour had 2 teams withdraw from the league and in order to keep amendments this season to a minimum, has caused the delay.
As discussed at the last meeting NO games will be re-arranged by fixtures due to clashes. It will be the responsibility of the requesting Club to find a slot and if the opposing team agree it can then played (the contact sheet will be updated and circulated). Fixtures to be kept informed of any changes.
Clubs are welcome to make use of any spare slots for friendlies with fixtures to be kept informed of any.
Please circulate and read the handbook which has all the information required but in brief this seasons changes:

  1. New guidance for results
    • Results sheets still filled in and signed to ensure correct details and correct scores are recorded also umpire qualification.  Also if possible player of the match  
    • Results sheet photographed or scanned and sent to by Monday lunchtime
    • Incorrectly filled in results sheets still incur a 5 point penalty
  2. New playing day guidance
    • One of the team playing first is responsible for making sure first matches start on time and timers are appointed across the two court at Widnes and each court Macclesfield and Middlewich  - it will be important that the two courts at Widnes are on the same timing
    • Matches can start and end on a whistle roll
    • matches are now 10 minutes each quarters
  3. NO matches will be swapped  – apart from the half term issues but these need to be flagged by the 13th October
  4. If clubs want to try and arrange a swap  -  two teams playing the same day with fixtures that can be swapped over they are responsible for making the contact and it is at the discretion of the opposition
  5. There will be a fine if a match is cancelled
  6. Girls can play more than one match in a day if required
  7. If clubs with two teams are playing each other they can be played at home but court fees are still due – we had to put them in as a fixture and couldn’t make the assumption that they would be played elsewhere 
  8. Fixtures for after Christmas will go out before the end of October
  9. Payment is due as soon as possible preferably by BACS  - Cheshire Junior Netball League sort code 30-99-14  A/C 02329354

All that remains is to welcome those Clubs new to the League and to wish everyone a successful season.

CJNL Committee

  • Concussion Guidelines Please find links below for the new guidlines issued by England Netball.
    Please ensure you are fully conversant and aware of the application of these guidelines.

Links to click on:

England Netball Concussion Policy

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3rd Edition

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool - pocket edition

Sport Concussion Assessment Tool for children 5 - 12


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